Developing eco-friendlier packaging is a requirement coming from both the consumer and the regulation and therefore many companies invest a lot of effort in developing eco-friendlier packaging.

Pack-TECH offers to accompany you in building a more environmentally friendly packaging strategy that is tailored to the needs and capabilities of the company. It can then accompany the development and adaptation of packaging to the strategy and regulations.

Packaging has a significant impact on the environment. Although packaging is a large consumer of RM and energy and is a significant producer of garbage, on the whole, packaging may prevent a great deal of environmental damage.

Packaging has an essential role in containing, protecting, preserving and extending the shelf life and safety of the product, upgrading the functionality it imparts, and reducing the environmental damage of the product as a whole.  When approaching sustainable packaging development, one should look holistically considering the impact of packaging on the entire value chain, from RM sources, its impact on the overall production, on the product, on the consumer up to the variety of options and implications of its end-of-life.

I invest a lot in promoting sustainable packaging by consulting, teaching and writing guides.
As part of UNIDO - United Nations Industrial Development Organization project with Afeka, I developed the first interactive tool for designing recyclable plastic packaging adapted to the Israeli market and regulations.
Furthermore, we published in the packaging institute the guide for designing eco friendlier packaging.