In an age of constant change, creative thinking is not just nice to have. It is necessary to create added values and build groundbreaking tools that create disruption in the organization and bring development in new directions.

PACK-TECH offers to support you in leading innovation, creating differentiation and added values in a variety of ways:

  • Workshops of creative thinking and leading innovation teams
  • Presentations of trends and innovative packaging solutions. Optional quarterly updates
  • Development and implementation of innovative packaging
  • Global networking and business development – identifying opportunities for market expansion, finding potential customers, and building partnerships

I have developed an effective creative thinking model that encourages creative thinking, to which I have dedicated my book:
I have a lot of experience in leading innovation teams, consulting and leading creative thinking workshops
My extensive networking and understanding of the market, ranging from large companies, startups, forums of scientists and opinion leaders enables me to take a broad look, identify opportunities and create interesting and fruitful collaborations.

* I am a licensed mentor of the Israel Innovation Authority

Link to the book: