Packaging Development

The packaging development process requires a deep look at the factors that influence and are affected by the packaging:

PACK-TECH offers to accompany you through all stages of the development and purchase of the packaging, with an emphasis on parameters such as consumer experience, environmental friendliness, extended shelf life, efficiency, and more.

The development stages must consider all stakeholders in the process:

The Content

The packaging should protect the contents and extend its shelf life while maintaining customer safety. The packaging development process begins with understanding the needs of the product. For example, if the product is sensitive to oxygen, we will design packaging with high oxygen barrier and we may add Oxygen scavengers that will absorb the oxygen emitted to the packaging headspace. In contrast, vegetables and fruits breathe and therefore, the required packaging will allow the entrance of Oxygen and the exit of CO2. The right packaging will prevent product spoilage and unwanted interaction with the packaging that could endanger the consumer.

The Consumer

In the process of developing the packaging, we strive to create an optimal consumption experience that fits the brand’s values. The goal is to address both cognitive needs such as comfort of consumption and trust, and emotional needs in order to create emotional engagement and loyalty to the brand. The process involves understanding all of the consumer’s touch points with the packaging and fit the desired experience.

Production and Filling Process

The packaging development process must consider the production and filling conditions, the design boundaries of existing and / or future equipment so that the joint work does not impair the quality of the product and the efficiency of the process.


After filling, the product goes through storage, transportation, the point of sale or direct sale to the customer and therefore the development of the packaging requires an understanding of the value chain and proper planning of the packaging so that it maintains quality and efficiency through all the stages.

Costs and Risks

Launching new packaging and working with it regularly involves risks and high costs. Some are transparent and some are hidden. Optimal planning will consider all the consequences and give them an optimal solution.

Regulations and Sustainability

The packaging should withstand all the relevant regulation in the field. In recent years the issue of the environment has become dominant in both regulation and public opinion.

During my work, I have developed thousands of packages for a variety of products while meeting a wide range of multidisciplinary needs, technologies, and materials.
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