About Shira Rosen

The world of packaging fascinates me as it is constantly evolving and has undergone significant transformations over the years. Packaging has long been more than just the “tool” that contains and sells. In an age of constant change, packaging is an integral part of the consumer experience, using smart and interactive packaging that enhances the functional, cognitive and emotional experience through all of its chain value

Upon graduating from the Technion, I began my professional path in the worlds of packaging development and purchasing at Unilever and immediately fell in love with the endless possibilities inherent in the field. From there, I moved to the Strauss Groupwhere I managed the packaging development unit for about 18 years. During my work, I have developed thousands of packages for a variety of products while meeting a wide range of multidisciplinary needs, technologies, and materials.

Behind me are many hours of leading complex projects in the fields of innovation, sustainability and efficiency in the worlds of packaging.

In addition, I have led key roles in purchasing management at Strauss group and strategic purchasing management of plastic cups in Danone Middle East.

In parallel with organizational work, I chose to develop my public work in a variety of positions, where I served as a director of the Plastics Institute and currently serve as chairman of the Israeli Packaging Institute and a board member at WPO-World Packaging Organization.

Today as a consultant and a mentor, I utilize my experience and knowledge, in the field of packaging and innovation, analyzing it from a perspective of 360. I advise and accompany processes, development and innovation for the “packaging users” companies and for packaging manufacturers.

My extensive networking and understanding of the market, ranging from large companies, startups, forums of scientists and opinion leaders enables me to take a broad look, identify opportunities and create interesting and fruitful collaborations.

Constant learning is a top value for me, motivating me to stay abreast of the latest developments in the field and share the knowledge and insights in a variety of ways and business models.

I’m CPP-Certified Packaging Professional by the IOPP-Institute of packaging professionals.

I lecture at the Technion and at universities, conducts courses and workshops in organizations, and am invited as a regular guest at international conferences, as a lecturer, judge in competitions such as the WPO and the Sustainability Awards and accelerators such as the EIT.

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